Do You Need a Land Survey? Find When & Why? Genesis Land Surveying Inc.

Are you up to purchase a new land? Or planning to build on a property you already own? If yes, then surveying those properties is crucial for a responsible land development. A land survey is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environments such as determining the boundaries and features of properties, easements, and encroachments, developing or building on land, and satisfying local building codes and regulations using mathematics.

Whenever you buy a land, there is an agreement between state & you regarding structure of a building or alteration of land in any way. Though many people are not well aware of these specifications & regulations, & get in trouble when they opt to build a pool or install a fence. And this is where Land Survey plays a major role.

Why do You need a land Survey?
Now there are many instances where you need to perform a land survey like to track out the location of flood zones existing on the property, property line setback requirements for new buildings, tree locations when city or county requirements necessitate that service & much more.

Determining Boundary Lines:
The information produced by Land Surveyors can prevent crucial situations like these reaching the courts etc. Well, this is one of the major reason why landowners seek the help of land surveyors. It is quite important for Property owners to understand their specific parcel. And for ensuring this specification like the location of boundary etc., boundary lines must be set.
Suppose you are planning to put up a fence on your property. The very first thing you need to know is that where exactly your property line is located. As if you don’t, you could possibly put it on your neighbor’s property which will end up with the financial loss & legal disputes. You first have to remove & then put it again at your location.

Pinpointing Plot Size & Price:
Now here comes the two aspects – one if you are purchasing a land & other if you are selling it.

Purchasing Land:
If you intend to purchase a land, it is a great idea to have it Surveyed before you finalize purchasing it. In order to protect your investment, you must be aware of the actual size of the plot. If, as per Survey, the plot is actually smaller than advertised, you can easily bargain accordingly.
The survey will mainly clear out two views for you –
1) Location of Property Lines &
2) A complete description of the property i.e. what it includes or entails.

The most crucial aspect here is to know that whether the other people have access to your property or land & thus determining legal permits.

Selling Land:
Well, when you have the detailed information of your land for your buyers, it leads towards the increased chances of a great deal as these details provide buyers with a higher level of confidence.

So if you too are looking for Professional Ontario Land Surveyors, get in touch with Genesis Land Surveying Inc. - a newly formed Land Surveying consultant dedicated to offering unique solutions to your challenges saving you both time & money.


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